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Saturday, September 4, 2010

download whole Photo album in facebook at once

NoteThis will work only in Firefox - so you need Firefox to be installed first.

Follow these Simple steps to download the photo Album

  1. Download the FacePAD Firefox extension directly from here. You may get a message block from Firefox - right click and allow that.

  1. Once you have installed - You will need to re-start Firefox to begin using the downloaded extension.
  2. You will now see FacePAD added to your list of addon extensions in Firefox.
  3. Head over to your friend's profile page and click on Photos. There you will find all the albums of your friends. Simply right click on the photo album and you will now get a new option "Download Album with FacePAD". Go ahead and download the album.
  4. You  will get an weird message to indicate that the album download has begun.
  5. You will now find all the photos of the FaceBook album neatly downloaded to your Hard Disk with almost no effort.

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