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Sunday, April 11, 2010

windows 7 : Shake it

Quickly minimize all other open windows in Windows 7 by shaking the only one you want displayed.

While working with multiple applications and windows in Windows 7, have you ever found the screen too cluttered? Perhaps you're mainly working in one application but want the others easily available, minimized to the taskbar.

In other versions of windows this task required a couple of steps. Right-click the taskbar and minimize all windows, then click on the taskbar button representing the window you want remaining open. But in Windows 7 there's another way...

Left-click on the title bar of the window you want remaining open and keep the mouse button help down. Now "shake" your mouse pointer quickly and the other windows will minimize to the taskbar, keeping the shaking window open.


after shaking the notepad , it remains active on screen rest others are minimized to the task bar

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