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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lock Document in Word 2010

Method 1. LOCK button

Before click the button, we should make sure the button apparent on the Word Quick Access Toolbar. Launch Word 2010, navigate to toolbar and from small drop down button, select More Commands. Just like the followed figure.

lock document in word 2010-1

Then you will get a Word Options dialog box. Go Choose commands from>All Commands, and you can see all cammands. Next, scroll down the list, find eht lock command and click on it. Select the buuton Add>>. Now you can see the lock button is on Quick Access toolbar pane. Just hit OK.

After these operations, the Lock button in the Quick Access toolbar.

lock document in word 2010-3

Click the button, and no one can write, edit, or modify. And click it again, the document is unlocked.

Method 2. Encrypt

Launch Word document which you want to protect with the password. Go menu>Prepare>Encrypt Document. Just like the figure below.

lock document in word 2010-4

Now a Encrypt Document box appearants. What we should do is just enter the password twice.

lock document in word 2010-5

lock document in word 2010-6

So far, you have lock your document with your own password. Another thing you should konw is that cancel the password is in the same procedure. The only difference is that you should make sure the password box is blank, and then save the file.

These two ways are all useful. Which one you will choose just depend on your conditions. Each one will be a nice helpful tool.


  1. I searched high & low for how to "lock" a form in 2010 w/no luck, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I think 2003 was much more user friendly :(

  2. Thank you so much for this- I'm another one who has searched the interactive guide, searched on the help function and found no answers! This has been a massive help- thank you!