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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Magic Skills of Microsoft Word 2010

1. Remove background of Images

If we want to amend photographs which are inserted into the Word document, we usually have to launch Photoshop or Fireworks. Take removing background of images for example. In Word 2010, we can do it directly without any other soft wares. It is really good for simple backgrounds.

Launch Word 2010 and select the picture, then switch to "Format". In the drop-down boxes you should click on "Background Removal". The step is like the figure below.

some features of word 2010-1

The area with purple color as highlighted will be erased. And the one with the original color will stay. Drag the area and make sure it fit your demand. See the following figure.

some features of word 2010-2

Then look at the image, the background removed. It is so quick and easy for the image as the background is simple. Now we have a look at the final image followed.

some features of word 2010-3

2. Ligatures.

These are the original characters.

some features of word 2010-4

And these are characters after some steps.

some features of word2010-5

The concrete steps are not too complex, and you can master them easily. Right click on the word document and click on "Font", then switch to "Advanced" and select "Standard only" in the Ligature. After all these step, just click "OK", the final result will be like the figure above.

some features of word 2010-6

These two skills are just simple ones in Word 2010. We hope they can help you with some optimization.

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