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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Erase your Browsing Traces.

Whenever you search the net, and view files on your computer your operating method is taking note of these operations, and stores them for later. This can be a useful tool for re-tracing your footsteps; but what happens when you don’t require other people to be able to finding out where you’ve been. You should clean up your computer.
This may appear a bit technical but it’s simple and useful:
Removing Traces from Windows
- Click "My Computer" on your desktop (Or open up "Windows Explorer"
- Navigate by click two times to: "C Drive" - > "Documents and Settings"
- Next you need to go to click two times on whatever username you are logged in as.
- Sometimes by default folders will be hidden in here. Let's:
- Go to "Tools" - > "Folder Options..." in the menu bar
- Select the "View" tab
- In the scrollbox select the radio button by "Show hidden files and folders"
- Press "Apply" and then "Ok"
- Click two times on "My Recent Documents" and delete everything inside of this folder.
- Next return a folder and click two times on "Local Settings"
- In this folder will be all of the cache and history files that they ought to have delete in the Web Explorer instructions above. Let's double check.
- Delete everything from inside of the "History", "Temp" and "Temporary Web Files".
- Done!

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