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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Facebook “clickjacking” spreads rapidly all over the site

The Web Security lab has warned that number of Facebook users are facing the trouble of fake page. They are now encountering an attack called as 'clickjacking'.
As per reports, some of the Facebook users are now getting new links by their friends like World Cup 2010 live coverage or any celebrity's personal phone number. But when they click on that link, it leads to a fake page. There has been number of cases of the same problem.
The experts has said that now the links do not have any malicious content, but later it can deliver malware or suspected scripts, which may damage PCs of the facebook users. So there is high risk of getting virus or malware from such fake pages.
When the users click on these links, they start loading a page where the users are asked to confirm that they are over 18 years of age. When the user enters in to the site by clicking the required button, it adds a link to their facebook profile saying that the users have liked that site.
As per a senior technology consultant Mr. Graham Cluley, currently the links do not content any malware or phishing attacks. It contents small viruses and checking how many users they are getting.

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