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Friday, June 4, 2010

Rename Photos and Files Automatically

Sometimes it can be a pain to constantly rename new files and/or photos as you move them onto your computer. We’ve covered quite a few batch file renamers in the past, but one area that makes Personal Renamer unique is in its automatic processing capabilities. With it you can actually have it scan a directory at an interval that you designate, and it will keep an eye out for files it should rename according to the criteria you specify.
The system got me excited when I first noticed this piece of functionality, but there was one thing that I just couldn’t wrap my head around at first. This app says that after it renames the files that it can move them to another directory (otherwise it will keep renaming the files regardless of whether it has already done so). It took me a minute to realize exactly how you’re supposed to specify where to move the files to. The box along the right side of the screen is used to show you what the output will look like after the files have been renamed, and above the box is where you can change the directory you want the files placed in. That way they won’t continuously be getting renamed.
Once I got passed that hurdle I’d say the app became a lot more useful. I could point this to a source directory, specify an output directory, give it some renaming criteria, and set it on its merry way. Then whenever any new files would arrive they would automatically get processed.

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